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PayPal Payoneer 100 USD 70aa1ae-6d47280938dc... Awaiting Payment
PayPal Payoneer 60.00 USD 70afdd0-7f108b72b592... Canceled
PayPal Payoneer 60.00 USD c533a92-ae6a76d6e21f... Awaiting Confirmation
PayPal Bancolombia 66 USD bab21ec-6845e4eab1de... Awaiting Payment
PayPal Bancolombia 60 USD 8872a0f-974d9e06daf8... Canceled
PayPal Bancolombia 60.00 USD c9732d1-d6ea5995cdb8... Canceled
PayPal Bancolombia 120 USD ea6b483-a04ea5bdbf91... Awaiting Payment
PayPal Bancolombia 120 USD 768e784-2f4f4bd48df8... Awaiting Payment
PayPal Bancolombia 120 USD e87fab0-81629e78e462... Awaiting Payment
PayPal Bancolombia 122 USD 160278a-1a94c01c1f82... Awaiting Confirmation
PayPal Bancolombia 117.60 USD 928086c-ae8333f034d7... Canceled
PayPal Payoneer 76.42 USD 2018099-db51f1fc2806... Awaiting Payment
PayPal Payoneer 76.5 USD 404c539-9d5e2abbfc95... Awaiting Payment
PayPal Bitcoin 100.00 USD e48cdef-2faeda1ed698... Timeout
PayPal Davivienda Colombia 77 USD a8e4882-3595bbffbb44... Timeout
PayPal Davivienda Colombia 77 USD e2b20ae-94e3bbaa1624... Timeout
PayPal Davivienda Colombia 77 USD fe1a026-662b246f1113... Timeout
PayPal Davivienda Colombia 77.5 USD d863bf8-6d03ae85f72b... Timeout
PayPal Davivienda Colombia 78 USD 0e195fc-7b55d85c7d56... Timeout
PayPal Davivienda Colombia 80 USD 0c4a014-7c1236456d87... Canceled

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Paypal free the funds in 21 days. Therefore, transactions with Paypal take 21 days. Our schedules are: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (-5 GMT). The costs of transfer vary, the website will calculate the costs.


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Muy bueno el servicio, al principio dudé pero el servicio es excelente y el dinero te llega super rapidísimo, recomendado al 100%

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